#14 - Daryl Woodhouse

Tony is delighted to be joined by Daryl Woodhouse on this 14th Episode. He has had a really fascinating career and has overcome some significant personal challenges - this episodes looks into both of these aspects and pulls together some key lessons.  


05:00 - Learning by mentoring entrepreneurs

05:15 - Holding the leadership team to account

07:15 - The impact of a major personal burnout

09:00 - Building a recovery plan

13:02 - Deciding what's important to you

15:13 - The need to value your time

18:29 - Driving change across organisations of all sizes

19:22 - Challenging goals and strategies

22:59 - The power of data in decision making

26:02 - 92% of digital transformation projects fail!

29:12 - Future proofing your life

30:33 - Key learning points


Here is the link to the app that we discuss 


Total Length - 33:19


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Daryl is a 26 x Award-Winning Business Growth Strategist & Founder CEO of ABP, Productivity & Wellness Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Business School Lecturer & Non Exec Director.  His Linkedin profile is here


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