#36 - Bob Gerrard

Bob Gerrard joins Tony on the virtual sofa in Episode #36 of the Inside Track podcast.


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About Tony Lockwood

After a 25 year career delivering change and transformation, Tony launched The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH)  in 2020.  #TLH's core focus is to help members to standout from the crowd, build their network with their peers and open up new career opportunities.   

Tony can be contacted by email at tl@thompsonwrightpartners.com


About Bob

A career primarily in financial services and banking, Adam transitioned into change and transformation early and has been involved in numerous large scale programmes across multiple banks and FS organisations

His Linkedin profile is here and his #TLH profile is here 


About #TLH

The Transformation Leaders Hub - a truly global peer to peer network for change and transformation professionals. Check it out here.


t: +44(0) 161 919 1676

w: www.thetransformationleadershub.com

w: www.thompsonwrightpartners.com

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