#41 Kieran Duck

Tony is joined today by Kieran Duck, an Australian with a passion for simplifying things.  Kieran talks about his experiences across numerous sectors and organisations as well as the lessons that he has learned along the way.

He has recently brought these together into a book - The Complex Project Toolkit - this is available on Amazon, Booktopia and The Book Depository


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About Tony Lockwood

After a 25 year career delivering change and transformation, Tony launched The Transformation Leaders Hub (#TLH)  in 2020.  #TLH's core focus is to help members to standout from the crowd, build their network with their peers and open up new career opportunities.   

Tony can be contacted by email at tl@thompsonwrightpartners.com


About Kieran

Kieran really enjoys understanding how things work and working out how they can be better. Having been responsible for strategy, transformation and program delivery, most recently with large Australian industrials, he brings a unique perspective that stems from working in a range of industries and a variety of frameworks. Of particular interest, and the focus of recent publications and presentations, is the application of design thinking to complex programs and business transformations.

His Linkedin profile is here 


About #TLH

The Transformation Leaders Hub - a truly global peer to peer network for change and transformation professionals. Check it out here.

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